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Lonecreek’s Yabba Dabba Doo


AKC Champion, IABAC International Champion


AKC CH, INT CH, “Multi V1 Rated,Multi Group winning, Multi BOB from the classes, BOS,
ARC Reg III Spec.’14 BOSS in Sweeps from the 6-9 mo. puppy class”

German Rottweiler Pebbles


Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) status

  • Hips – GOOD
  • Elbows – L- DJD1 / R- Normal
  • Eyes – NORMAL
  • Heart – NORMAL
  • CHIC #119416




See Pebbles full Pedigree

SIRE – Degrassos Jacob von Waxel
ARC#1 ’96,’97 BIS,BISS,AM,CAN CH., CD,RTD ARC GOLD Producer~

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) status

  • Hips – EXCELLENT
  • Thyroid – Normal
  • Heart – NORMAL

Dam – Lonecreek’s Kuba

NIRK TRC ’12 Fall Sieger V1 Bred By and NIRK Siegerin, Most beautiful Female in Show, Multi V1 Rated

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) status

  • Hips – GOOD
  • Elbows – NORMAL
  • Eyes – NORMAL
  • Heart – NORMAL
  • Detention – Full Detention
  • CHIC #92882

German Rottweiler Kuba

This German Rottweiler is within standard for this breed.  The Rottweiler standard includes:

Body. Chest roomy, broad and deep with well-sprung ribs. Depth of brisket will not be more, and not much less than 50 percent of shoulder height. Back straight, strong and not too long, ratio of shoulder height to length of body should be as 9 is to 10, loins short, strong and deep, flanks not tucked up.

For more information on the standard for Rottweilers visit the AKC website.