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CH. Blade vom Grossen Tal


German Rottweiler Blade

Blade is owned by Aleksander Gagic of Serbia. 


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One of Europe’s Finest!

  • Bulgaria Ausland KLUB SIEGER 2015
  • Champion of Hungary
  • Champion of Serbia
  • Champion of Macedonia
  • Kosmaj Jugend Sieger 2014
  • Hungary DERBY Winner 2014
  • Slovakia Klub Jugend Sieger 2014
  • ADRK World Dog Show 2015 – V1
  • ADRK World Dog Show 2014 – V2
  • ADRK Klub Sieger 2014 – V7
  • Young Champion of Serbia 2014
  • Young Champion of Macedonia 2013
  • BH, IPO1
  • HD/ED Frei
  • Heart Clear (Echocardiogram)
  • Eyes Clear

This German Rottweiler is within standard for this breed.  The Rottweiler standard includes:

Body. Chest roomy, broad and deep with well-sprung ribs. Depth of brisket will not be more, and not much less than 50 percent of shoulder height. Back straight, strong and not too long, ratio of shoulder height to length of body should be as 9 is to 10, loins short, strong and deep, flanks not tucked up.

For more information on the standard for Rottweilers visit the AKC website.