Lonecreek Rottweiler Puppy/Dog Sales Contract


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Lonecreek Rottweiler Puppy/Dog Contract

This is a legally-binding contract for the ownership of one Rottweiler:
Name___________________________________ Sex________ from the “__________________” litter
Whelped ____ /____ / 20____ AKC Registration #_________________________________
Sire _________________________________ Dam________________________________________
This contract is made between the seller, Tommye Parker “Lonecreek Rottweilers” 3448 County Road
176 Bedias, TX 77831, and buyer:
Name ___________________________________________________________________________
Address _________________________________________________________________________
City ________________________________ State ______________ Zip Code _________________
Phone ___________________________________________________________________________
Email ___________________________________________________________________________
It should be noted that this contract defines the responsibilities of the buyer and the seller and that it is
written for the sole purpose of protecting the Rottweiler breed and the well being of the puppy. It is
hereby agreed by both parties that the following conditions will be met and that no other warranties or
conditions are either expressed or implied:

1. Breeding/Showing:
[ _____ ]This animal is being sold as a Show/Working/Breeding prospect. All animals sold as
Show/Working/Breeding prospects will be co-owned with Tommye Parker of Lonecreek Rottweilers until
all certifications for OFA have been completed, at which time full ownership will be transferred to the
If this animal should develop a disqualifying fault according to the American Kennel Club Standard for
the Rottweiler by the age of 24 months, then another show quality replacement puppy may be
purchased for the price of $1500. This will be done only after said animal has been rendered incapable
of reproduction and a letter from a veterinarian attesting to this fact has been sent to Lonecreek
Rottweilers by certified mail. In addition, we will need a copy of the AKC registration and your Lonecreek
contract. The buyer will have to have honored their commitments specified in the contract for the
warranty to be valid. We never offer a cash refund. [ _____ ]
[ _____ ] This animal is being sold as a Pet Quality/Non-breeding Rottweiler. This animal is being sold on
a Limited Registration and must be spayed/neutered at 24 months of age or growth plates close because
it does not carry the same guarantee as the show quality. Please DO NOT spay/neuter animal
before 24 months or growth plates close as it is known to cause health issues. Only
Show/Breeding quality puppies carry the guarantee of faults according to this contract. [ _____ ]

2. Temperament Development:
The temperament in Rottweilers is largely determined by the genetic traits passed on to it by the
parents. That is why we are firm believers in selective breeding for conformation and working ability.
We want dogs that are protective in nature yet good around children, family, and friends. We feel that
temperament and socialization are directly related to each other. In this regards, we spend a great deal
of time socializing our puppies. Every day the puppies experience human interaction and are put in
different situations such as exposing them to different floor materials, varying noise levels, both with
and without their littermates. We observe their actions and base further temperament assessment on
their progress. It must be pointed out that Schutzhund training, agility training, obedience training,
protection training, carting training, weight pulling training, therapy work training, and tracking training,
etc. are just that – training. No dog can just walk on a field and do these things. They must be trained,
and trained correctly. We can sell you a dog with a good potential to do these things, but it is up to you
to develop this potential in your dog.

3. This animal shall not be used for breeding purposes until it is at least twenty-four months of age, and has cleared health certifications for hips, elbows, eyes, heart(by board certified cardiologist), dentition and JLPP as per Orthopedic Foundation for Animals and has no disqualifying faults. It shall also have passed at least a basic obedience course. This animal may only be bred to a dog that has also passed the above OFA certifications.

4. Said animal shall carry the Lonecreek Kennel name in all advertising or conformation shows and
obedience trials. The name on the litter registration MUST BE THE SAME AS ON THIS CONTRACT and
cannot be changed except by Lonecreek Rottweilers. You can give your dog whatever “call name”
that you choose, but the registered name must remain exactly as Lonecreek Rottweilers and the client
has agreed upon. Failure to comply will nullify and make void all warrantees in this contract.

5. Lonecreek Rottweilers warrants that said animal is the progeny of animals x-rayed clear of Hip
Dysplasia. If said show/working/breeding animal develops Hip Dysplasia, as evidenced by an OFA
evaluation, by age 24 months then Lonecreek Rottweilers will do the following: We will sell you another
puppy out of an equivalent breeding for $1500. The client will responsible for transportation.
The puppy will be replaced only after said animal has been rendered incapable of reproduction and the
treating veterinarian attests to the fact that he personally read the tattoo/microchip number and
records it on official letterhead and sends it to Lonecreek Rottweilers by certified mail. In addition, we
will need a copy of the AKC registration and your Lonecreek Rottweilers contract. Of course the buyer
will have had to have honored their commitments specified in the contract also for warranty to be valid.
This includes the submission of all specified paper work, the completion of training classes and the
sending of pictures. We never offer a cash refund nor cover any of your dog’s medical expenses.
In regards to hip dysplasia for show/working breeding quality, a second opinion shall be sought by buyer
prior to replacement of puppy/dog. The second must be by a specialist in the field of canine hip
evaluation. Seller reserves the right to have seller’s specialist review all documentation including xrays
and full medical records.

6. Buyer certifies that he/she is not acting as an agent for another individual in the purchase of this
animal and that he will not sell this animal or any of its progeny to any agent, pet store, puppy mill, i.e.,
mass commercial kennel, or guard dog business.

7. It is agreed that the ownership of this Rottweiler will be vested with Lonecreek and with such
will be returned to Lonecreek with no refund given If for any reason the buyer can not keep this
dog….we do not want our dogs going to shelters and will always have a place to return to. The
buyer also agrees to be responsible for transporting the dog back to the breeder.

8. Buyer certifies that said animal shall reside at his/her home and buyer agrees to take proper
safeguards for the care and safety of said animal including proper shelter, food, water, exercise,
socialization, proper training for obedience, and have regular immunizations and examinations
by a veterinarian, maintain heartworm prevention and flea/tick prevention.

9. The purchase of the dog is a hobby and should not be expected to gain income with this dog,
including any refunds.

10. Buyer agrees to send pictures of said animal at ages six, twelve, eighteen and twenty-four
months and then annually on the dog’s approximate birthday to Lonecreek Rottweilers. Buyer
agrees to send a front and profile close-up photo of the head and also a front and side close-up
shot of the entire dog in an alert and baited standing position. Buyer agrees to send copies of
any titles the dog may receive throughout its life.

11. Said animal shall be registered with the AKC. Lonecreek Rottweilers cannot be held
responsible for delays in processing registration papers by AKC and warrants that said animal is
in full accordance with AKC registration requirements.

12. Buyer agrees to at the very least take this said dog through a puppy socialization class after
receiving third set of puppy vaccinations or after veterinarian approval and then a basic
obedience training class by the age of one year old. Training should at a minimum consist of
Come, Heel, Sit, Down and Stay. A copy of the class completion certificate or letter from the
training director must be submitted to the breeder within one month of the completion of the

13. Binders are required for us to reserve all puppies. Once a binder is made it is a commitment
by the buyer to purchase said puppy and is therefore NON-REFUNDABLE. This binder pays for
all the expenses that occur by Lonecreek Rottweilers in the preparation of the purchase of the
puppy. In the event a suitable puppy is not available from the litter the deposit was intended for
the deposit will forward to the next available litter. If you are unable to pick up your puppy NO

14. Show/working quality does not mean that said puppy is guaranteed to become a
“champion.” Show/working quality means that at the time of purchase the said puppy exhibits no
disqualifying faults and is considered to be a promising show/working prospect.

15. No other contract or law is implied other than what is stated in this contract.

16. Buyer hereby releases from responsibility Lonecreek Rottweilers from any and all liabilities
and/or damages by fault of said Rottweiler after said Rottweiler is in the care or possession of
Buyer. These damages and liabilities include but are not limited to destruction of property and
physical damage to any person or group of people.

17. PLEASE NOTE: Lonecreek Rottweilers warrants that the said animal is in good health at
time of transfer. New owners have 72 hours upon receiving the animal to have him/her
examined by their veterinarian and to notify Lonecreek Rottweilers if there are any health
concerns. If upon examination veterinarian finds that said puppy/dog is not in good health the
buyer shall return the puppy/dog to the seller with all of the veterinarian documentation. Seller
shall replace said puppy/dog with a puppy of equal value as soon as one is available. Buyer is
responsible for all shipping costs. Seller has no obligation to reimburse buyer for any costs
Seller reserves the right to refuse replacement of any puppy/dog returned for faulty
temperament, if seller deems that such was due to buyer’s negligence or abuse.
The above agreement is made and signed this ___ day of _____________ 20___ by Tommye
Parker of Lonecreek Rottweilers and the buyer to assure the well-being of said animal and its
progeny. Should it become necessary to enforce any part of this contract by legal means, any
and all attorney’s fees, court costs, and travel expenses will be the responsibility of the buyer.
This contract shall be deemed a legally binding contract and is under the jurisdiction of the state
of Texas in the county of Grimes. It is further agreed that the place of venue shall be Grimes
County, Texas I, we, the buyer, hereby verify that we have read this contract, understand its
complete contents, and agree to it fully:
Signature of Buyer: ________________________________________Date ___ / ___ / 20___
Printed name of Buyer: ___________________________________________
Signature of Co-Buyer: _____________________________________Date ___ / ___ / 20___
Printed name of Co-Buyer: ___________________________________________
Signature of Seller: ________________________________________Date ___ / ___ / 20___

Lonecreek Rottweiler Puppy/Dog Contract – Revision 3 – January 17, 2023