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German Rottweiler Puppy Questionnaire



Thank you in advance for filling out this questionnaire to buy a German Rottweiler Puppy. This is a comprehensive form, please remember that we are trying to protect you, as well as the dog.   Lonecreek Rottweilers takes many factors into consideration before we sell any of our dogs.  The goal is to make sure that you get the right breed for you, and that the breed is enhanced by your ownership.

We want you to know that we are serious about placing our dogs with the right family or kennel.  Rottweilers are wonderful dogs in the right hands, but a bad placement can be problematic.  Owning any dog is a big responsibility. Owning a Rottweiler comes with the extra challenges of having such a big and powerful dog, and having to deal with the stigma placed on the breed by those that have mistreated them, and the public at large for their misconceptions. 

We have been doing this for a long time, and strongly believe that this proactive screening is the best way to make sure all parties are happy with the transaction.  So again, thank you for providing accurate answers to the questions below.

All information submitted is strictly confidential, and will never be seen by anyone outside of Lonecreek Rottweilers.


Tommye Parker,

Owner/Manager of Lonecreek Rottweilers

Please read the Sales Contract prior to submitting this form.


Lonecreek Rottweilers Puppy Questionnaire
Please enter area code first (555)-555-5555
Please enter area code first (555)-555-5555
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Include items such as your age, occupation, family status and hobbies.
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List breed, sex and age of each, separated by a semicolon. Example; Mixed breed, female, 4 years; Labrador, male, 3 months
Please include and traits that appeal to you, or that you don't want in your dog.
Example; I intend to employ a professional; I am a skilled trainer; I have watched the Dog Whisperer, so I consider myself an expert.
Please list each, separated by semicolons.
Please list each, separated by semicolons.
Please give date and relevant details to help me place this form with the correct conversation.