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Lonecreek Rottweilers Testimonials

Read what some of our clients have to say about their experience with Lonecreek Rottweilers



The first time I spoke with Tommye Parker, I knew that she was the Rottweiler breeder that I wanted. We had a long conversation in which I tearfully recounted the unexpected loss of my beloved Evon a while back. Tommye even shed a tear with me! She was carefully evaluating and grading me on being a potential owner of one of her dogs! During that initial conversation, I told her I just wanted “a little girl to love”. The visit to her kennel was wonderful. They were sparkling clean and well kept, roomy, and each dog she introduced me to was more beautiful than the next. The obvious care and pride she takes in her operation was amazing. I knew I was in the right place at once. I left her beautiful kennel with my little 9 week old Klara last December 2010. Tommye gave little Klara the most tender kiss that I will never forget, and because of that, I began sending emails of Klara’s antics at home so that Tommye would feel included in Klara’s life. I had thousands of questions for Tommye which she patiently answers for me regarding raw diet, Klara’s personality traits with regard to her parents, etc. I gained a wonderful spunky, intelligent, obedient and loyal “little girl to love” that has been a joy in my life. In the bargain, I also gained a friend in Tommye, and I am happy to have both. Thank you, Tommye for everything.

Anne and Klara
Friendswood, Texas

Lonecreeks Iakona


I wanted to show you what great dogs you breed. Cheeto and Him are best buds but sharing your peanut butter is special.

The Martellini family….TX


Brandon came home from work the other day and was, of course, met with a big hug from Diesel at the door 🙂 He’s almost as tall as him when he stands straight up! Anyway, he told me this saying about Rotties, and I thought I would share it with you. He said, “there’s an old proverb about a man running towards a cliff. If he runs with a German Shepard, the dog will try to stop him from jumping. If he runs with a Pit Bull, the dog will stop and watch him jump. But, if he runs with a Rottweiler, the dog will jump right along with him.” I thought it explained the amazing nature of these dogs so well. As you know, Brandon and I have never owned a Rottweiler before Diesel, and we just wanted you to know how much we love him! He is such a big part of our family, and we could not ask for a better dog. We cannot imagine our lives without such an awesome best friend and guardian. He is our baby, and we would like to thank you so much for believing that Brandon and I could be great Rotty parents! He is so funny, and always keeps us on our toes. I hope you can meet him one day, and share the joy that he brings to us! We take him everywhere possible, and always receive compliments on how beautiful he is. I still can’t believe he’s turning one in just a few more days. It seems like just yesterday, we were picking him up. Now that we’ve owned a Rottweiler, we will probably never own any other breed. He is so well rounded and an amazing companion. We could go on and on about Diesel, but it’s all because of you and Lone Creek Rottweilers. We are definitely planning on giving Diesel a sister in the future, and would be none other than honored to receive her from Lone Creek.

Thank you so much!
Sabrina & Brandon

Lonecreeks Iva von Hartenkern

Hey Tommye!!! Just wanted to send you an email to let you know how my girl is doing! She is growing like crazy! I have decided to apprentice with her trainer and decided I wanted to go to decoy school. I found a local trainer/club and they did an evaluation on her (since they will train your dog in personal protection for you if you take the decoy course). I kept telling them I couldnt imagine her reacting to a sleeve or tug even though she has GREAT prey drive!!!!! She is so mellow and just loves to give kisses and be loved by everybody! When they brought the sleeve out it was as if she had been doing it all her life! No apprehension what so ever! Everyone was highly impressed with her. Beautiful dog, fabulous temperment and a great work ethic, she is always eager to please! You certainly picked out a wonderful girl for us and I can’t thank you enough!! I do and will highly recommend you to anybody I meet who is serious about the breed and looking for a puppy or dog! I have some Easter pictures attatched of her with my daughter and the Easter bunny. Hope to hear from you soon 🙂

New Hampshire

Lonecreeks Heiress


I have owned several Rottweilers over the years, from AKC registered puppy mill breeders to International Grand Champion offspring. One thing I have learned is that finding the right breeder that is as selective with owners as they are with breeding programs makes all the difference in the breed and your dog’s health, potential competition success, and excellence of temperament for the home. A breeder of this level will make the differentiation of your experience a great one! Lone Creek Rottweiler and Tommye are above and beyond the best in the business. The care taken to select and match individual puppies to individual owners and the outcomes they are looking for gives an indication of the caliber of breeder you are dealing with. She helps with every step of the process from preparing you for your new puppy to seeing you all the way through to your end goal of a champion dog or family pet. There is no question she is an authority in the Rottweiler breed and a tremendous resource. It is very rare to find someone as personable and keen to every attention of detail while providing such high quality puppies and being there throughout their life. Lone Creek Rottweiler and Tommye in particular is an invaluable asset and representative of the Rottweiler breed. I could not imagine a finding a better breeder. Plus the dogs are the best looking around!

Thanks Tommye!


Lonecreeks GQ



When we lost our last Rottweiler we knew we couldn’t live without one. We took our time interviewing breeders from all over the country. Our main priority was health but just as important were temperament and intelligence. It took many conversations and a lot of research, but you should take your time when making such an important decision like adding a family member.

After speaking with Tommye Parker from Lone Creek Rottweilers, we knew she was different from the rest. She didn’t approach this as a business transaction, her dogs are much more important to her than the money someone might offer to own one. Be prepared to be interviewed because she wants to know that her angels will be going to the right homes. This is how it should be.

Our new family member, GQ’s Jett, is so much more than we could have hoped for. He is healthy, intelligent, friendly, obedient, sweet, and a strong worker. He has shown an uncanny maturity level at a young age allowing us to give him free roam of the house unattended by the time he was 1 year old. He never ruined furniture, a shoe, or anything else.

If you are looking for the best breeder producing the best representation of what a Rottweiler should be, look no further than Tommye Parker and Lone Creek Rottweilers.

Denver, CO

Lonecreeks Isis

Isis came to us in July, 2010. She was 10 weeks old. As I researched Rottweiler breeders I was drawn towards Lone Creek Rottweilers because of the care that was taken to screen me to insure the best match both for the puppy and us. I picked up Isis from her breeder, Tommye Parker, in Texas and then, 4 days later the two of us traveled to Puerto Rico where we were greeted by my very excited husband. We have had Rottweilers throughout our lives and cherish the breed. Isis is such a beautiful puppy with her own unique and lovely personality. She had been so well cared for by the breeder as demonstrated by her sweet and beautiful demeanor. She was fed a raw diet which shows the commitment the breeder had in providing the very best for all her dogs and pups.

Isis is now almost 5 months old. She has become an accomplished co-pilot in our helicopter and absolutely loves being with us at all times. She enjoys swimming in the warm Caribbean Sea and chasing lizards around the yard. She has integrated very well with our 3 other dogs of various ages and breeds. We invite children over to play with her and we take her with us as much as possible to continue the socialization process that had already begun prior to our receiving her. She is very confident as demonstrated by her interactions with other dogs yet, she is very smart and knows when to initiate play and when not to. She is completely unfazed by thunder which speaks to her calm temperament.

It is with the highest regard that I recommend a puppy from Lone Creek Rottweilers. Tommye Parker continues to be part of our lives as we share photos of Isis. She is more than willing to help in any way possible and always has the deepest interest in her pups and their new parents. We are grateful that through Tommye’s love and care we have been blessed with Isis.

Suzanne La Placette and Family
San Juan, Puerto Rico

Lonecreeks Hera Dark Strom

Picture Coming Soon!

Dear Tommye,

I guess I have looked at hundreds of rottweilers and talk to many people concerning them over the years in and out of the show ring. A lot of good information from owners and handlers . And with this it has helped me to look at kennels with good sound judgement. I purchased a female puppy from you and she will have her first show in October of this year, and I can not wait till they see her in the ring she is going to knock there socks off. Good top line, moves very well , large bone structure, has a great scissor bite and best of all she has a great attitude with other dogs and people. I am well pleased with LONECREEKS HERA DARK STORM.

Sincerely Tony Chambers
Panama City, Florida.

Lonecreeks Baleigh (aka Macey)

Recently, my rottie named Randi passed away, she was my companion and best friend for several years. The first phone call to Tommye at Lonecreek lasted about 2 hours, I could tell right away Tommye was a breeder who truly loves her rotties as much as I love mine. We talked about losing Randi, and I told her there will never be another Randi and she replied, “your girl can never be replaced, just remember all the good times you both shared”.

I gave Tommye the age, sex and disposition I wanted in my next rottie puppy, then in a few weeks I had the perfect puppy named Macey. Pictures of the litter were sent via email so I could watch her grow, that was fun! When we arrived at Lonecreek to bring Macey home, Tommye was proud to show us her dogs. We felt very confident buying our puppy from Lonecreek Rottweilers.

Macey was already started on raw food when we brought her home which I have continued. I was a little hesitant at first but it is easy and much healthier for her as Tommye has proven in her dogs. Since Macey has been in her forever new home with us, she has adjusted so quickly and is a healthy, full of energy and happy rottie thanks to the exceptional breeding program Tommye has planned for all of her dogs. The breeder support has been there for me 24/7, Tommye knows her rotties and loves them all.

I would highly recommend Lonecreek Rottweilers when buying a Rottweiler.

Pearland, TX

Lonecreeks Gallia (aka Gally) and Lonecreeks Gwynn


I can’t rave enough about my two girls from Tommye’s “G” litter. Having been owned by rotties for 20 years, I’ve had a chance to live with quite a few of them. The intelligence and trainability of these two girls amazes me every day. They pick up anything new I try to teach them in a matter of minutes, they are a joy to be around, and their personalities shine in everything they do. We have had a blast learning agility and they are true ambassadors for the breed when they come to work with me or we are out and about in public. I also appreciate Tommye’s dedication to her puppy owners in helping in any way she can, especially in my case of wanting to continue feeding the raw diet.

Wiley, TX

Lonecreeks I’m In Charge


We got the paperwork – thanks!

He is still growing like a weed and is up to 36 pounds. He is remarkably well behaved for 3 month old puppy. We go on walks twice a day–one for 20-25 mins. and the other for 40-60 minutes. When we are walking, people we meet are surprised he’s so young because he walks so well on leash. Don’t get me wrong, he’s not a complete angel on lead but for his age, he outperforms most. He knows sit and I am training him to sit before being petted. Everyone thinks it’s so cute to have him run up, sit and wait to be petted–I think it’s a must! He loves playing in the water and is almost swimming. He waits for Zoey (big rottie sis) to retrieve the thrown item and then plays tug of war with her to bring it up on land. We recently went to a local stream and he chased butterflies and dragonflies for about 30 minutes straight. My daughter was impressed with his sighting abilities. He locks on his target with determination and concentration. He is very intelligent and learns very quickly.

He has been on a couple of play dates to my daughter’s house with her two mutts, rottweiler and english mastiff. He loves the mastiff and comes back from her house completely worn out from all the new experiences. He is visibly more tired from mental stimulation than from physical. He’s fascinated by her cats but wasn’t interested in chasing her chickens. Attached is a pic taken a couple of weeks ago of him sitting in the dog’s water bucket. One week later, he couldn’t fit into the same bucket.

As you know, I discussed with you what energy and dominance level we wanted in a dog and left the choice of that puppy completely up to you. You couldn’t have picked better puppy for us.

Thanks again for picking us such a perfect new family member.


Lonecreeks Bailey (aka Andy)

I had looked for a Rottweiler pup for a year; I looked all over San Antonio, and Austin Texas to no avail. Luckily, I was referred to Tommye, and I got my pup on June 26, 2010. I could not be happier. He is so smart, healthy, and has a great temperament. He (Bailey) has made progress so fast, it is amazing. Bailey learned the sit,down and come commands in 2 weeks. By the 3rd week, he knew to go to the back door to be let out to use the bathroom. Thank you so much Tommye for such a well bred puppy, and for all the continuous guidance you have provided. Bailey is the best Rottweiler dog I have ever owned!

p.s. we are starting obedience on 9/18/10. I’m so excited!


San Antonio,TX

Lonecreeks Haven (aka Dana)

We were so excited the day we went to pick Haven (aka Dana) up at Lonecreek Kennel. Throughout the course of her birth until she was 9 weeks old, Tommye kept us up to date with her progress until the day we went to pick her up. As soon as we saw her we new she was a healthy pup. When we left with Haven, Tommye gave her a big kiss then passed her on to us. From the first day we brought Dana home, she became a member of our family. She is very unique even though all Rotties have similar characteristics, she’s one of a kind. She’s smart, obedient, affectionate, lovable, protective, playful and can sometimes be a little saucy (lol). She likes to speak her mind and will always let you know what she wants. Although I have grown with Rottweilers my husband, Paul had not. Now owning one, he swears he will never own another breed. As he says, “they’re almost human”. Walking Dana throughout the neighborhood we have received numerous compliments on what a nice looking Rottweiler she is. Being consistent in her training from a puppy is paying off. She is happy, well balanced and we love her dearly. We will only deal with Lonecreek Kennel for another Rottie which I’m sure will be in the near future.

Lonecreeks Diva


When we began looking for a Rottweiler a few years ago, I made some assumptions that turned out to be quite frightening. I assumed that it would be relatively easy to find a quality breeder, and I could accomplish that on Craigslist or in the paper. Nothing could have been farther from the truth. My first question to these folks quickly revealed the truth. I called 8-10 “breeders”, whose response to my question, “What are the parents hips rated?” was met with what became a predictable … “What?” What do you mean … “What?”!!! I was AMAZED to learn that almost all folks who are breeding Rotts don’t have a clue with regard to their responsibility to certify the hips and therefore the integrity of at least this dimension the breed’s progeny!! I was back to square one in my search.

With some patience, understanding, networking and a few twists of fate, I ran across Lone Creek Rottweilers and Tommye Parker. In my opinion, Tommye has put it all together with quality stock, a passion for excellence and an understanding of true care and health of the animals. I am a psychological / health care professional with almost thirty years of experience – I took notice when Diva’s tail was not clipped (b/c Tommye puts the pup’s experience in front of “appearance” and avoids imposing this trauma), and she was feeding her dogs raw chicken (We met her in Waco to pick up Diva – she drove over an hour to pick up cases of raw chicken for her dogs). As a health care professional, I know that raw food is superior – it’s natural state – whether the consumer of the food is human, canine or squirrel. Actually, this was more than I’d hoped for – particularly after my previous experience!

Then there’s Diva – the product. She is 3 ½ years old; we’ve had her since she was 12 weeks old. We couldn’t be happier with Diva. Outstanding disposition – sweet, calm and confident, never grumpy and always game for play. She’s noisy in play, but has a soft, respectful mouth. The girl is just handsome to look at – shiny coat, 100 pounds, lean and muscular – and IMPRESSIVELY coordinated, fast and athletic. She’s intelligent, eager to learn – and very well-trained (even so, probably under challenged with us). Other than a few brief adjustment issues (intestinal upset and skin issue – probably as a result of the transition from East Texas to Central Texas – no way to know for sure) she’s had NO HEALTH ISSUES. She’s pleasant with strangers, but protective of our property / family when she needs to be protective. We live on the water – which she loves – she instinctively identifies the weakest swimmer and stays with him / her. If they grab her tail or coat, she will pull them to the bank.

In a nutshell, Diva is the complete package. At this point, I wouldn’t consider any other breeder if I was in the market for a Rottweiler.

Austin TX

Lonecreeks Hagan

I met Tommye Parker almost 3 years ago and in May 2009 I decided I wanted a puppy from a certain female that she owns. During the time I waited for that puppy I was able to spend a lot of time with Tommye and her dogs and have seen firsthand just how much love and care she gives to her dogs and the puppies she produces, she gives her all to them. She is also a great judge of temperament and does her best to place each puppy in the home that is the best fit for it and that each new puppy owner has the puppy of their dreams. I was able to bring my new boy Hagan home in May of 2010 and he is proving to be exactly what I have been looking for. I have owned the Rottweiler breed since 1993 and in that time I have only had one other puppy that has come close to being exactly what I was looking for, I only wish I had found Tommye earlier, she is a fantastic mentor in the breed.


Lonecreeks Ike (aka Atticus… Atti for short)

When I first came across Lonecreek Rottweilers website, I was absolutely taken aback by the striking dogs I saw on the page. I knew that I had to be the owner of one of these amazing examples of true German Rottweilers. I contacted Tommye for the first time almost 2 years ago, and from day one, her knowledge, support and love of the breed assured me that I would be getting a top-notch dog. I had the opportunity to visit her kennel, and was astonished at the care and devotion she gives to not just one, but EVERY single dog on the property. I met almost every dog at her kennel, and was so pleased to be greeted with nothing but BIG dog hugs and kisses! Every dog I came in contact with was not only absolutely gorgeous, just like the pictures I had seen, but beautifully tempered and unbelievably friendly! I knew on that day I wanted nothing more than to be the owner of a Lonecreek Rottweiler. About a month ago, I was blessed with Lonecreek’s Ike, who I now call Atticus. Atticus is the BEST puppy I have ever had. He is an excellent fetcher and loves to play with anything that moves, but when I am ready to settle down for the evening he is right by my side as calm as can be. His temperament is to die for. He is outgoing, but laid back. He is friendly and affection, but observant and a wonderful watch dog. I am a professional dog trainer, and work with puppies on a daily basis, but none have ever been this well behaved and easy going at 4 months of age! He is extremely intelligent. He has learned basic obedience exceptionally quick and impresses me every day with how fast he picks up on new behaviors. People are shocked to find out he is so young when he behaves so wonderfully in public. He goes to work with me every day, and his drive to work and learn is unlike any dog I have had the pleasure to work with. I owe that all to the excellent breeding and planning Tommye puts into her litters. I cannot sum into words the satisfaction and happiness I feel from having a Lonecreek Rottweiler. Tommye loves what she does and is outstanding at it! She has been supportive since before I even got Atticus, and has been informative and helpful for the past 2 years I have known her. I highly, HIGHLY recommend her and her dogs over any breeder in Texas or elsewhere, and am more than in love with the amazing dog she has blessed me with. Thank you, Tommye, for all that you do and the wonderful name you give to such an awesome breed!

Joy Keller

Lonecreeks Intrepid Kaiser (aka Kaiser)

When my family and I decided it was time to get another Rottweiler puppy, I did an extensive search on the internet for reputable breeders. I chose to go with Tommye at Lonecreek – and it was by far the best decision! She and I spoke for 45 minutes on the phone about her babies and Lonecreek. I explained our family situation and what I was looking for in a puppy. She was checking me out too, which I think is important, she truly cares for her babies and won’t let them go to just anyone. We decided to go with a very sweet 4 month old named Kaiser. He is a people magnet! When I take him for walks, all the neighborhood kids want to pet him. Adults are amazed at how well he does on a leash and how gentle he is with kids. When I stop to visit with my neighbors, Kaiser sits and takes in the surroundings, never lunging at anyone walking or riding by. He is awesome with the kids and does not have an aggressive bone in his body. I am amazed that I can take anything from him, his food, a toy, a bone… and he lets me!

We start obedience training this week and I cannot wait to see how he will shine! He is so smart and eager to learn…. I highly recommend Tommye and Lonecreek Rottweilers for anyone wanting a wonderful addition to their family.

Dallas Miller,
Edmond Oklahoma